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EMPower Program

NEW Rapid Water Category Determination - 2 Hour Turn-around

The EMPower program was created by RC Analytical to help you differentiate between contaminated and uncontaminated surfaces.  In addition, we now offer analysis of water samples to determine the category of water.  These procedures have been developed to simplify what would normally be an expensive and complex sampling process.

This program is not intended to replace the services of an indoor environmental professional as described in the IICRC S520 Standard and Reference Guide for Professional Mold Remediation or the S500 Standard and Reference Guide for Professional Water Damage Restoration.

Water Category Sample Collection Kits
Registered users will receive FREE training on how to: collect water and surface tests for mold and bacteria analysis; collect the necessary information to complete our Analysis Request Form; and to submit the tests to RC Analytical for analysis. There is no need to purchase specialized sampling or testing instruments or pumps. Each new registrant needs to purchase their initial supplies needed to test contaminated surfaces ($99.43 per person in California; $92.85 per person outside California) or water ($98.00 for three test kits). These initial supplies are consumable and as the tests are submitted for analysis, RC Analytical will replace them at no cost.

Our simplified reporting system eliminates the need for you to interpret complex analytical data. RCAnalytical will analyze your water or surface tests and report the findings to you using the terminology established by the IICRC S500.  Each water test for bacteria will be reported to you as being consistent with Category 1, 2 or 3.  When surface tests are submitted for sewage contamination, we will use the terms “present” or “absent”.  The analytical data that normally accompanies a laboratory report will be archived by RC Analytical in the event that the raw data is needed in the future.

What you will learn in our FREE training program?

  • How to identify potentially contaminated surfaces (scope and OSHA compliance)
  • How to document pre-existing conditions (risk management)
  • How to perform a post remediation evaluation (quality control)
  • Which surface testing methods to use
  • How to properly submit surface tests
  • When to use an indoor environmental professional

How you will benefit:

  • Mitigate your liability and manage your risks
  • Comply with the industry “standard of care” when your client or their representative won’t allow you to do what SHOULD be done
  • Ensure that you have complied with the OSHA requirement to identify workplace microbiological (mold and sewage) hazards
  • Develop a scope of work
  • Minimize post-remediation verification failure
  • Take control of your remediation projects

Registration in the EMPower Program is FREE
Training on Surface Test Methods is also FREE
You only pay for laboratory analysis based upon our Fee Schedule.


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